Pirates of the Caribbean - At Worlds End

Pirates of the Caribbean - At Worlds End 1.0

Pirates of the Caribbean At World´s End is developed by Eurocom
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Pirates of the Caribbean At World´s End is an adventure game developed by Eurocom.
The designers have made a very good work trying to capture the look and the sense of humor of the movie.
This game follows the story of the movies (Dead Man´s chest and At world´s end).
You can be the Captain Jack Sparrow or another character of the film, as William Turner or Elizabeth Swann. If you choose to be Jack Sparrow one of your mission will be to find the others pirates and tell them about the meeting that will be celebrated in Shipwreck Cove, you will have to fight against them and do a job for them.

You will find that the game can be separated in two parts, the first one is when Jack try to recover the heart of Davy Jones and he fight against the Kraken, in the second part Jack will join Lord Beckett, in this part you will have to use your sword several times.

Graphics and sound
The graphics and the scenarios are incredible well done. The sound effects are impressive and the soundtrack is very good.

To sum up, this a very exciting game you will enjoy it.

María Noel Balla
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